Industrial Water & Wastewater Technology From Evergreen, Colorado

Based in Evergreen, Colorado, Water Technology ConsultantsTM Inc. specializes in the areas of wastewater and industrial water technology. To learn more about our professional services or to speak with a knowledgeable water consultant, please contact us today. 

Plant Audits Include:

  • Water Balance Evaluations
  • Water Usage Minimization
  • Treatment Program Optimization
  • Treatment Program Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Vendor Performance Evaluations
  • Preparation Of Water Treatment Specifications
  • Evaluation of Bid Proposals
  • Failure Investigations
  • Equipment Inspections
  • Failure Analysis
Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis Assistance 

This service includes providing recommendations on corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence. To learn more about our root cause analysis assistance, please call us today.

Training Programs

The training programs we offer include the preparing programs for your technical, operating, and management staff, as well as the development of training manuals. Each training program is tailored to fit your system.

Litigation Support

Litigation support, technical evaluations for litigation, and expert witness services are also available.

Systems & Industries Served

Our expertise allows us to serve all water-using industries. This includes:

  • Electric Utility Generating Plants
  • Makeup Water Treatment
  • Cooling Water
  • Cycle Chemistry
  • Steam Generating Systems
  • Closed Cooling Water Systems
  • Closed Hot Water Systems
  • Refining & Petrochemical Facilities
  • Water Reuse
  • Commercial & Institutional Facilities
  • Cooling Tower Systems
  • Domestic (Potable) Water
  • Cooling Water
  • Steam Generation
  • Water Reuse
  • Boiler Makeup Water Treatment