Our Staff

The President of Water Technology ConsultantsTM Inc. is K. Anthony Selby. Tony Selby has more than 50 years of experience in the field of water and wastewater technology. He has a strong background in cooling water treatment, boiler water technology, makeup water pretreatment, ion exchange, membrane systems (RO, MF, UF, EDI), water reuse, and overall plant water management.

Mr. Selby is experienced in the water technology aspects of a broad range of industry segments. Included are electric utility plants, commercial facilities, refineries, chemical plants, general manufacturing plants, and electronics fabrication facilities.

His experience in cooling water systems includes open re-circulating (cooling tower), once-through, and closed cooling systems. He has also worked closely with wastewater reuse and minimization of aqueous discharges in these facilities.

Mr. Selby’s experience in makeup treatment systems includes reverse osmosis (RO) monitoring, RO troubleshooting, ion exchange system evaluations, clarification, and lime softening.

In boiler water systems, he is experienced in boiler cycle chemistry in all pressure ranges, from supercritical to low pressure heating boilers. These systems include direct fired boilers (coal, oil, gas) as well as waste heat boilers and combined cycle heat recovery steam generators (HRSG).

Mr. Selby has also been an industry leader in the field of electric utility circulating water, service water, and closed cooling water issues. He has authored or co-authored several Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) publications including the Service Water System Corrosion and Deposition Sourcebook
(TR-103403), Service Water System Chemical Addition Guideline (TR-106229), Closed Cooling Water Chemistry Guideline (TR-107396) and Closed Cooling Water Chemistry Guideline Revision 1 to TR-107396 (1007820), and the Open Cooling Water Chemistry Guideline (1025318).

He was also the Technical Project Manager for the EPRI State-of-the-Art Cooling Water Tailored Collaboration project.